Bankruptcy Register

When you make the difficult decision to declare yourself bankrupt, you will be required to provide your personal details to your local official receiver via the Individual Insolvency Register (IIR). This is also often referred to as the Bankruptcy Register.

What is the IIR?

The Individual Insolvency Register is a government-run record available for public inspection. It contains the details of current or recently closed individual insolvencies, debt relief orders and individual voluntary arrangements (IVA's).

What details will you need to provide?

The personal details you'll be required to provide to the Bankruptcy Register include your full name, gender, address, occupation, date of birth and details of your insolvency order. However, the details required vary depending on the type of insolvency registered. The details not featured on the register include company insolvencies, bankruptcies from Scotland or Northern Ireland, and cancelled or withdrawn bankruptcy orders.

Details from the Bankruptcy Register are publicly available and can be searched by name online, and they can also be requested in person from your local official receivers office. An annual subscription to the register is also available. As this record is required to be regularly updated and available for public use by law, the governing body cannot be held responsible for any information that a person may obtain from the record pertaining to an individual or specific insolvency case.

How long will your details appear on the register for?

The record of your insolvency will be available on the register throughout the entire period of your bankruptcy agreement, and will be routinely removed within three months of your discharge. For annulled or withdrawn bankruptcy orders, your details will be removed from the register within 28 days of the Secretary of State receiving notification of the order.

If you believe that either your details are incorrect or that an individual may have been omitted from the Bankruptcy Register, you can notify the Insolvency Service online or via post.

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