County Court Administration Order (CCAO)

A County Court Administration Order (CCAO) is a debt solution made by the court. It states you must make payments from your income directly to the court who will then distribute funds between your creditors for you.

You can apply to the court for an order if you owe no more than £5,000 to at least two creditors, and you have had a county court judgement entered against you (e.g. CCJ).

For more information please contact your local County Court.

County Court Admin Order FAQs

What are the advantages of an Administration Order?

Creditors who are listed on the order cannot take further action without the consent of the court (who will distribute payments for you). However, if your circumstances worsen, you can apply to the court to make reduced payments or even have your interest and charges stopped.

What are the disadvantages of an Administration Order?

Creditors can object and be left out of the order. If you don't keep up with repayments, the order can be withdrawn and creditors can pursue you again. The court can also make an attachment or earnings order to collect payments. If this happens, your employer will be informed about your money troubles.

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