Debt FAQs

Is Help with Debt Consolidation's helpline open 24 hours?

No, and there's a very good reason for this. You will only ever speak to professional, fully trained Debt Counsellors who cover normal working hours.

However, our debt helpline is open long enough for you to find a time that best suits you.

Can I get debt advice for all my sources of debt?

Yes. Whether your debts are from loans, credit cards, unpaid bills or other agreements, our partners can provide you with confidential advice on the best debt solution for you.

Will I be asked lots of probing questions?

The more information you give us, the better the advice we can give.

What if I already owe money on lots of different credit cards?

You might still be able to consider an IVA as an effective and manageable way of addressing your debts. Call to find out more.

Are the Help with Debt Consolidation partners confidential?

Absolutely. You can talk to them in total confidence about your situation. You can take their advice or ignore it, but nobody else will know.

Why don't I just transfer all my credit cards onto one with a zero interest offer on transferred balances?

Deciding on the best way out of debt means considering a whole range of different possible debt solutions. A Help with Debt Consolidation partner will look at all your options, so speak to one of them first.

Why is your partner's advice better than some others?

Our partners consider the widest range of solutions and their advice is specialist and free from bias. Some organisations give advice that's biased towards solutions they can offer, rather than reviewing all the options.

Do I need to have full details of all my debts to hand when I call?

This would be better (but by no means necessary). As long as you know roughly how much you owe and to whom (such as credit cards, loans etc) you can still be advised about the debt solutions that would best answer your needs.

What if my finances are in a real mess?

Don't worry. Even if you can just give the advisor an idea of what your debts are, they can still make sure you are given excellent advice.

Who will I be speaking to when I call a Help with Debt Consolidation partner?

You'll speak directly and in confidence to a specialist Debt Counsellor. He or she will be understanding, patient and knowledgeable, so you can talk freely and in complete confidence about your situation.

Will they also need to speak with my partner?

Not unless you want them to. They can still provide you with all the debt advice you need so you can then discuss it with your partner (or other family members who may be involved in your debts).

Can I talk to a Help with Debt Consolidation partner about any debt problem?

Yes, whether it's to do with your credit cards, overdrafts, loans or anything else, our partners have extensive experience of helping people who have found themselves in similar situations to yourself.

What if some of my UK debts are with organisations owned outside the UK?

This may not matter as long as your repayments are made from the UK. Talk to our partners about your situation and they'll make sure you have all the information you need to choose the right debt solution.

What if my combined assets are still not enough to pay off all my debts?

There are various debt solutions available. Talk to our partners about your situation and they'll explain the options available to you.

Does it matter how large or small my debts are?

No. Our partners can provide you with advice about debt solutions to meet a range of different situations.

Will I have fill in any forms?

Not initially. Your first contact with our partners is a simple phone call with the minimum of fuss. An adviser will ask you a few questions to appraise your financial situation, as this will enable them to run through your options and discuss next steps.

What if my student debt is more than £10,000?

Don't panic! You won't be the first person our partners have dealt with who has found themselves in such a situation.

Talk to our partners and we'll ensure you get all the specialist advice you need to find the debt solution that best suits you.

What if I change my mind?

You are under no obligation to proceed with any of the solutions you are advised on. Should you change your mind once a debt management plan has been put into place, you are provided with a cooling off period of 14 days under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

Please see the debt management terms of business for full details on your right to cancel.

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